AWG’s Behavioral Retargeting Converts Site Browsers to Customers

eCommerce businesses hope that customers will go to their site, pick an item, place that item in their shopping cart and then buy it. Or, a customer will fill out a form, producing a lead. But if the customer abandons this process before clicking the ‘purchase’ or ‘submit’ button, is all lost? Not quite yet. Remarketing advertising provides a “last call” to potential customers. Remarketing ads draw from a site user’s behavioral habits to remind consumers that they had shown interest in a product or service online, yet had not completed the transaction.

Remarketing strategies use this clever technique to remind consumers about goods and services and lure them back to the checkout to make a purchase or to complete the lead generation process. Remarketing ad solutions help businesses track their customers in a powerful, yet unobtrusive way, using  an individual’s personal display network data culled from those who have visited your website, to follow up on past views or inquiries about desired goods and services. This potent technique also helps to instill your business’ presence to consumers and create and/or reinforce brand awareness.

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A Remarketing Advertising Campaign that Covers All the Bases

Relevant advertisements are deployed not only to the customer’s inbox or just on the seller’s site, but to other sites customers may visit such as Facebook. Remarketing advertising banners may also appear in Google search results. This way structured ad campaigns help redirect customers back into a buyer’s mindset, by providing selections they have made (but not yet purchased) by offering them another chance to make buy that item(s). Some ads prompt that a product is still available, or seek to sweeten the deal and pique consumer interest by informing them that the product is now on sale. Also, no fee is incurred unless the customer clicks the banner ad, (the way Google Ads ‘work’). An alternative is a CPI (cost per impression) model, which can be very costly.

A Remarketing Campaign that features Behavioral Retargeting may be the ideal marketing tool for extending your promotional reach and to create a deeper connection with your target audience. Active Web Group’s team are authorities on crafting successful Remarketing ads to build your brand, drive more sales and to boost your bottom line.

Additionally, we develop effective Remarketing Banners, provide expert graphic design and craft specialized SEO strategies for your Remarketing efforts. AWG will customize Remarketing lists and create ads using proven targeting methods to net your business the best results possible. Additionally, our professionals compile, analyze, and send monthly reports to keep you up-to-date with the effectiveness of your online Remarketing campaign.

Your profitable Remarketing Advertising campaign begins with a no-cost consultation. We will evaluate your online business requirements and draft a Remarketing campaign that incorporates Behavioral Retargeting to influence your prospects’ buying decisions and convert shoppers to customers. Call (800) 978-3417 or Contact Active Web Group and allow us to unlock your brand’s maximum potential.