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Fifteen years ago most people researched where to buy an item and made their purchases in brick and mortar stores. Today nearly everyone shops online for some if not all of their goods and services – including perishable items such as groceries and medications. eCommerce is evolving from making a simple purchase online to something more strategic to reach consumers and influence their buying decisions. Sound eCommerce begins with a site whose functionality has been thought through entirely and is both designed and built to function and scale as circumstances require.

The process begins with an understanding of the client?s requirements but development does not cease when the site goes live. eCommerce web development involves site maintenance and updates as consumer requirements demand. Active Web Group’s team of web development professionals collaborate with our clients to determine their eCommerce needs and craft websites that fulfill their stated objectives and serve their customers well.

eCommerce Web Platforms Development

The most important first step of a successful eCommerce solution for an online business is to select the appropriate eCommerce platform. Active Web Group offers three main platforms to fit every size business: WordPress eCommerceMagento eCommerce, and Custom eCommerce Development. AWG?s web developers can readily determine which of these solutions is best suited for your current business needs and budget requirements.

WordPress eCommerce offers the most inexpensive solution and enables our developers to build a site quickly and easily. WordPress eCommerce is perfect for small businesses with simple products and relatively low transaction volumes.

Magento eCommerce is a robust scalable solution that can be used for almost any size business. Pricing starts at a fairly low level and rises based on how much custom work is required to suit your business. Magento eCommerce offers greater code flexibility than WordPress. The product is constantly updated with new options, which can greatly reduce future maintenance costs. The Magento platform can be used for small to very large businesses and can handle huge numbers of transactions.

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Custom eCommerce Platform Development

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Custom eCommerce Development has many advantages and is the typical choice of enterprise level or larger companies. Active Web Group designs custom shopping cart solutions with an enormous amount of flexibility and integration with a business?s current systems. Often integration, including feeds, promotional and price control as well as special inventory considerations are needed. When a business needs an eCommerce shopping cart to be extremely flexible, Active Web Group builds it for them from the ground up. Our shopping cart development can include complex quoting systems, as well as unique marketing innovations.

Hosted eCommerce is becoming more and more popular. Active Web Group has designed custom eCommerce sites that are able to support unlimited storefronts. For a fraction of the price of a custom eCommerce Web Development or even a Magento eCommerce solution, a client site can utilize the facilities of both options. Maintenance costs are lower and the platform is constantly upgraded at no charge. The difference is that with this solution, the business does not buy the code. They rent the store rather than buy. There is a great deal of flexibility in this solution and it enables a client to invest more in marketing rather than owning the programming code. One of the greatest advantages of this solution is that it gives a business owner the opportunity to own the code if they wish later. It is similar to a rent with an option to buy and enables them to opt in now and purchase later as their business grows. Active Web Group is a thought leader in the digital marketing industry. Arrange a consultation with our eCommerce Development team to explore options for your online business today!

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