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Conversion Rate Optimization Services

Online retailers and service businesses tend to focus their marketing spend on increasing traffic to their site. Organic SEO, email marketing, Google Ads, social media marketing among others, are all the main targets of online marketing efforts but conversion optimization should be the next step to improve marketing effectiveness. Understanding website conversion rates, performing a comprehensive analysis of visitor behavior, and instituting intuitive changes to the site are all functions that are the responsibility of professional conversion rate optimization services. This last step in the marketing funnel can have a significant impact on bottom-line revenues.

Generating a visitor is the first step in the sales funnel but often there are technical flaws with the sites that should be taken to improve conversion optimization. Placement of calls to action, copy density, and proper function on a variety of devices (generally referred to as a responsive web design) should be the first step in conversion rate optimization. The simplest analogy is comparing it to a brick-and-mortar store. Are the products neat and well arranged in the store? Is the lighting adequate and creating an appealing display? An easy, pleasant checkout experience is a sales element that any retail establishment and digital marketing agency that offers professional conversion rate optimization services can assist with.

After the basics of the site functionality are addressed, businesses should have a clear understanding of visitor behavior. These include pages with high bounce rates, site forms that lack conversions, and an eCommerce checkout process with a high abandonment rate. These important elements of visitor behavior can significantly be improved to increase conversion rates.

While having a slick and beautiful website is great, addressing conversion optimization will make a significant difference to online marketing ROI. The team of professionals at Active Web Group understands these functions of online success and has been assisting businesses with conversion rate optimization initiatives for over 20 years. Contact us at (800) 978-3417 for a free consultation to find out if conversion rate optimization services are right for your business.

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