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Competition among New York businesses is fierce and grows exponentially each year. Today’s businesses need a strong online strategy to allow them to both gain traction and to maintain that edge required to increase their market share. By applying one or a combination of several cost-effective Internet Marketing disciplines, Active Web Group will assist your online business to grow your online presence, subsequently increase relevant web traffic and gain higher sales conversions.

Internet Marketing on Long Island requires many ever-evolving techniques and methodologies to position local businesses to achieve greater success. Therefore it is necessary to employ only a full-service, highly experienced Online Marketing agency familiar with and utilizing all the current and compliant major industry techniques and protocols.

Every company has different goals, so some Internet Marketing techniques will be more appropriate to achieve them than others. Wherever your company is based, Active Web Group has the experience and proven techniques that will enable to compete better whatever your industry, wherever your marketplace. Whether you are seeking a Long Island Web Design firm, or a New York SEO company, or other professional Internet Marketing services in our region and beyond, know that our clients have chosen Active Web Group for professional, successful, yet cost-effective Internet Marketing solutions. Whenever you are driven to succeed, partner with Active Web Group to meet, maintain, and exceed your online marketing expectations.


Hundreds of companies have achieved online success through Active Web Group’s proven internet marketing techniques and our due diligence. Contact us today at (800) 978-3417 for a free consultation to discuss your requirements and to learn which services will assist you to achieve your online goals.

Custom Web Design

A professionally-designed website and informative website content are important considerations. First impressions and quick access to relevant information are very important, especially when your competitors’ sites are just a few clicks away. Visitors to your site want to be able to find information quickly. They won’t spend too long on your website if it looks dated and unprofessional, or if it is difficult for them to find what they came for.

At Active Web Group our Web Design professionals will create your unique, professional website customized to achieve your specific company goals. The site will be attractive, follow current industry best practices, and also properly showcase your brand. Additionally, your website will be constructed with user-friendly navigation that enables visitors to find the information they want quickly and easily.


Regardless of your location, an eCommerce website allows you to reach more potential customers and target markets. Key to the success of every SEO campaign is an efficient, well-constructed eCommerce website with user-friendly features to influence higher conversion rates.

Active Web Group creates strong eCommerce sites, or will redesign an existing site to better compete with competitors of every size!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in New York

A key online marketing component, Search Engine Optimization is comprised of techniques and initiatives applied to the front and back end of your website to rank well on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). It is important to ensure that your content is optimized effectively, to ensure that searchers find your site and not your competitors’.

As your online marketing company, Active Web Group will perform a site review then target the best keywords for your campaign. These will reflect your business well and directly attract your target market. An effective SEO campaign will increase your chances for higher search engine rankings, enabling more consumers to find your online business first!

Email Marketing Services

Email marketing serves numerous purposes: To promote new products, distribute newsletters and industry-related information, to offer special promotions, and to announce special events or sales. The goal behind the majority of email marketing efforts, however, is to increase brand recognition and sales.

Active Web Group, your email marketing professional in New York, will assist your business to launch a successful email marketing campaign that is both cost-efficient and delivers a high ROI. Professional email marketing services from Active Web Group will assist to significantly increase sales without a large marketing expenditure.

Pay-Per-Click Management

When properly managed, Pay-Per-Click can be a cost-effective Internet Marketing tool. To maximize its potential for your business and to produce a higher ROI, Contact Active Web Group to discuss our professional PPC Management services.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is cost-effective and targets a wide range of consumer demographics. Social media marketing utilizes social networks and online communities, blogs, and other online social media to create awareness of and interest in your business, its products and/or services.

By providing a consistent stream of relative, informative, or interesting information, an AWG social media campaign will develop increasing amounts of web traffic, expand your customer base, generate sales, develop public relations and/or provide customer service. Active Web Group can focus your social media marketing campaign effectively in the New York area or nationwide.