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Every online business owner wants a stunning website that makes a great first impression- who wouldn’t? The team at Active Web Group knows that continued success does not end there. Our web strategists, web developers, and web designers provide the ‘now what’? We provide ease of use on every platform, optimization to increase visibility and drive the right traffic, as well as compelling/informative content that converts to generate more leads and/or revenue. All to facilitate the marketing funnel. That’s our Long Island website design strategy: deliver a fully-functional business site that not only looks great and represents your brand well but also fills in the blanks, by providing whatever your previous site needed to run your business better than ever before for greater online success.

AWG’s Long Island web design team incorporates the latest web design trends but that’s not all. Our team fully-understands business challenges/dynamics throughout Long Island, our region, even across the nation. That’s why we partner with you throughout the website development process, to make sure your brand is well-represented and your online objectives are fully understood. Our ultimate goal isn’t just to build a good-looking website but to develop a conversion-generating site for increased online visibility and nets a higher ROI. Visit our web design portfolio page to view our web design samples. These successful websites demonstrate how Active Web Group can develop an effective custom design for your business.


With our large client roster of high-profile Long Island businesses to nationally recognized corporations, Active Web Group is known as a premier website development and full-service Digital Agency. Yet we know that the only business solution that matters is yours. Active Web Group’s Long Island Web Design solutions are engineered to facilitate higher performance metrics as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible. These include:

  • Customized solutions that increase leads and revenue
  • Full Service Digital Marketing including website development and marketing solutions
  • Dedicated Professional Team of Experienced Designers and Marketers
  • Over 25 years of Digital Marketing Experience
Long Island Web Design


Effective websites allow visitors to find their objective quickly. To find their interest and to influence conversions, fully-functional websites have a simple design, and descriptive, informative content. Even if your website ranks higher than your competitors’ on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), if visitors have difficulty finding what they came for fast, they’ll leave your site and go elsewhere.

As a full-service Digital Marketing Agency, Active Web Group not only provides fresh and performance-focused website design and web development, but also offers Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), eCommerce Development, Email Marketing, and Pay-Per-Click Management (PPC) services to achieve, maintain, and grow your online business goals.

When a website redesign is your top business priority, partner with the Long Island website design team for a unique, attractive website that also furthers your business objectives. It will fulfill expectations to attract every possible prospect, and present your vision, brand, and company goals by the most effective, and user-friendly, means possible. Consider Active Web Group. Contact our team for a discussion of your business goals and website redesign requirements.

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Long Island Web Design Company

  • Long Island Web Design Company
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