New York, NY, December 27, 2012 ? InVite? Health, a leading nutraceutical firm headquartered in New York City, today announced the introduction of its new and improved C-Betics product. Dietary supplements such as these are designed to promote and support good health by maintaining nutrient levels the body needed to function properly. Along with good nutrition, this dietary supplement can be used as part of a healthy diet to support a normal metabolic rate. Blood sugar maintenance is a key to good health as it also contributes to other aspects of metabolism such as fat burning and energy utilization. C-Betics, as part of a healthy diet, helps support proper sugar and cholesterol metabolism. Lastly it contains ingredients that address a healthy inflammatory response, beneficial in slowing the rate of cellular aging. These factors target the nutritional spectrum of metabolic health and well being.

Hypoglycemia and Hyperglycemia, two blood sugar related issues, are common especially in older adults, due to fluctuations in their metabolic rates. Directly after eating, blood sugar levels normally rise, whereas between meals they establish a baseline. For some individuals the high levels do not return to baseline levels, while for others, blood sugar levels drop below acceptable baseline levels. For some individuals it becomes necessary to regulate their blood sugar metabolism to avoid or prevent more serious health complications.

?It is imperative, especially as one ages to control and maintain proper blood sugar levels,? comments Dr. Millie Lytle, a Nutritional Director at InVite? Health, Inc. She adds. ?The Product Development Department under the supervision of Scientific Director Jerry Hickey has addressed this issue by reformulating our popular C-Betics supplement, thereby enabling easier absorption of metabolism supporting nutrients known to provide nutritional support for these concerns.? Lytle concludes.

Invite Health?s new metabolic product C-Betics combines several nutritional ingredients, as part of a healthy diet, to benefit those concerned with their inflammatory response and blood sugar metabolism. Cinnulin PF from Cinnamon supplies water soluble Type A polymers that have been researched to support normal sugar and normal cholesterol metabolism, both already within normal range. Corosolic Acid from the Philippine herb Banaba, when used as part of the diet also has documented benefits for healthy blood sugar use. Lastly, Nopal cactus a.k.a. prickly pear cactus, from the American southwest, when used as part of the diet supplies powerful antioxidants to protect and maintain healthy blood sugar values. Research is promising that these key ingredients provide good nutritional support for this complex area of health.

For more than a decade, InVite? Health has been recognized as an innovator and leader in the nutritional supplement industry. Offering a comprehensive line of the finest quality dietary ingredients from vitamins, herbs, minerals, specialized formulas and personal care products, InVite has built a loyal and growing consumer base. Their solid reputation has been founded on ensuring the highest standards in nutraceutical research and product development, committing to service excellence and assisting with charting and maintaining their clients? paths to wellbeing.

Jerry Ruiz,
Director of Information Systems
InVite Health,
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