Ronkonkoma, NY, February 12, 2013 ? Thread Check, Inc. a designer, manufacturer and distributor of high quality gauging and inspection equipment provides consumers with a complete line of custom gages, cylindrical ring gages, patented 3 wire thread measuring systems, plain plug gages, API gages, hex plug gages, Mitutoyo tools, Starrett hand tools, power drive thread gages, hardness testing equipment and ISO 17025 registered calibration services. Recently the firm has expanded its product line and has become an authorized distributor of the industry-renowned Phase II+ line of products including machine tool accessories, material testing instrumentation, precision measuring and cutting tools as well as shop supplies.

?Thread Check Inc. is proud to make the complete line of PHASE II+ products available to our customers,? states Bart Kipnes, Thread Check, Inc. ?Additionally, the company is responsive to industry needs by continuously adding new items to its product line thereby ensuring that going forward our clientele will find the precise tool for their gauging and inspecting needs,? Kipnes concludes.

To further ensure that their customers receive the precision instruments their applications require, Thread Check Inc. offers the expertise of a PHASE II+ application specialist who guides customers through their individual product selection and provides technical support and maintenance advice. Customers need not be concerned that today?s purchase may become tomorrow?s bad decision. PHASE II+ also maintains a complete range of replacement parts for all PHASE II+ products ensuring that their equipment is maintained with quality original manufacturer, not aftermarket parts. Another consideration: many PHASE II+ products are backed by a 5 year product warranty. Among the Phase II+ Measuring Tools carried by Thread Check Inc. are Bench Top Hardness Testers, Coating Thickness Gauges, Portable Hardness Testers, Surface Roughness Testers and Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges.

About Thread Check Inc.

Thread Check, Inc. is committed to delivering total customer satisfaction by providing high quality products and superior service levels. Through a highly skilled and dedicated workforce, the company has generated an outstanding service record, assuring that all their high quality products will accurately meet agreed specifications, regardless of the item purchased: hex plug gages, hardness testing equipment, 3 wire thread measuring systems or other custom gages. Additionally, their Customer Service Team is always on hand with expert support and innovative solutions that they guarantee will surpass customer expectations.

Thread Check, Inc. is proud to be considered a valuable vendor to a diverse group of customers in industries such as aerospace, automotive, pharmaceutical, petroleum, medical and mechanical contracting. The company also provides quality support to educational and scientific institutions, the military and other government bodies.

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