October 2009, Hauppauge, NY…

Whether you’re a chain retail outlet of over 5,000 pharmacies, or a local retail clothing store, you need to order your retail supplies from a reputable company that provides quality service, an extensive catalog of products, and customer satisfaction. Thanks to NCS, the task of finding such a company just got easier.

NCS is proud to announce that they have just launched a newly redesigned website, which can be viewed at ShopNCS.com. Many retail business managers and retail business owners nationwide are already familiar with NCS. The retail store supply corporation has been servicing the retail industry for over 50 years, along with their sister corporation Russell and Miller.

With an increased focus on the retail clothing store market, NCS continues to offer quality service and an expansive catalog of merchandising solutions for retail products to their customers via their corporate website. The site was recently redesigned by Active Web Group, Long Island’s leading online marketing corporation.

During initial consultation with AWG, it was determined that the NCS website needed to represent the NCS brand and their online corporate image, while at the same time maintaining a strong user-friendly interface. It was also critical that ShopNCS.com would enable visitors to find products and information quickly and efficiently, and that the information would be presented in a clear, concise manner.

With those criteria in mind, Active Web Group’s experienced web designers and SEO experts redesigned ShopNCS.com to not only provide a rich and rewarding customer experience, but also to increase online visibility in top search engine rankings.

The new NCS website now boldly displays an innovative product mix, a powerful product search option, and an advanced, user-friendly shopping cart for improved and secure E-Commerce.

Retail industry customers, and the retail clothing store market in particular, will be able to find and purchase anything from clothing hangers, shopping bags, and size markers and dividers to slatwall & gridwall panels, store decorations, and sidewalk signs, amongst many more products.

To celebrate the relaunch of ShopNCS.com, NCS is offering a 20% discount on a fall season-themed 12-piece retail sign kit. Visitors to the site and customers can also sign up to receive future offers via email.

For more information on web design, SEO and E-Commerce and how it can help your online business, visit Active Web Group.

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