Hauppauge, NY, November 22, 2011 ? Active Web Group, Inc. (AWG), the award-winning online marketing company headquartered in Hauppauge, New York, today announced a Free Link Analysis for online businesses. The analysis is offered to all businesses seeking to maximize their web presence. Visitors to AWG?s webpage, https://test.activewebgroup.com/link-analysis/ are encouraged to participate in this evaluation opportunity. AWG will determine the quality of existing links and participants will learn more about the value of in-bound links to any successful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) program. This initiative allows corporate decision-makers to view firsthand how they may achieve their online business goals through AWG?s customized Internet Marketing campaigns and initiatives.

Quality in-bound links or backlinks are an integral part of any Internet Marketing effort. Backlinks that are directed or point to a site tell search engines that the website and its content are relevant to a given search term.

A Free Link Analysis from Active Web Group will provide information about the links coming into your site including which domains are sending the most links to your site and the authority of these linking domains. AWG?s link analysis also displays the anchor text that is being used to build backlinks to the site. Anchor text is an important part of building links. If the anchor text uses keyword terms a site wishes to rank for, this is more powerful than a link that includes a company name, website address or ?click here? as anchor text.

?Having the right backlinks is very important to high keyword rankings on search engines,? says Patrick Norton, Vice President and Director of Business Development, Active Web Group, Inc. ?Active Web takes the time to evaluate and learn our clients? online business and their business? goals,? Norton continues. ?Next we tailor a highly-effective link-building campaign. This crucial step, supplemented by our expertise in all aspects of Internet Marketing, is designed to assist them to meet and often exceed their projected goals,? Norton concludes.

AWG Offers Free Linking Analysis

What may one expect from a Free Link Analysis from Active Web Group? AWG?s checklist includes an evaluation of:

  • The total number of backlinks pointing to a given site
  • Which domains link to the site
  • The number of times each linking domain links to a given site
  • The authority of domains linking to a given site
  • The anchor text used in links
  • All Top Level Domain (TLD) information, i.e. .com, .org, .edu, etc.

In short, AWG?s Free Link Analysis targets a site?s linking weaknesses and also presents an Internet Marketing strategy aimed at improving website rankings and overall ROI.

Active Web Group has a long and substantial track record utilizing Search Engine Optimization initiatives to promote businesses of every size and across many diverse industries. Their link-building strategies for their clients are designed to generate high search engine rankings, more relevant site traffic and increased conversions.

In addition to linking campaigns, Active Web Group also has extensive experience in Web Design, Programming (all proficiencies including php, asp and asp.net), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Email Marketing, Website Content Development, Graphic Design, E-Commerce, Magento Ecommerce, WordPress Ecommerce and custom solutions and Pay-Per-Click Marketing. To learn more and to take advantage of AWG?s Free Link Analysis: https://test.activewebgroup.com/link-analysis/


Patrick Norton,
Vice President & Director of Business Development
Active Web Group, Inc.
30 Oser Avenue, Ste. 500
Hauppauge, NY 11788