Bartlett, TN, November 22, 2012 ? Kele, Inc., the building automation products leader for almost 30 years has long featured energy-saving power monitoring equipment in its expansive online catalog. Kele manufactures and sells its own line of monitoring equipment along with makes and models from other manufacturers. The reasons for careful monitoring of a facility?s power usage are many cost factors, fees associated with power overages, general overall building efficiency to name a few.

Over the years, however, energy efficiency has become ever more important. Every day, building automation professionals join with building owners to manage energy costs. Factory and manufacturing plants? energy use is monitored. If deemed excessive by local utility, a fee or ?demand penalty? may result. The company may be charged because too much kW is used at the ?wrong? time of day. Therefore, accurate power monitoring is critical to understanding what specific aspect (for example, a chiller) needs to be optimized, ensuring a targeted and prioritized approach to energy savings.


In recent years, cost factors and other considerations have put a spotlight on conserving energy at manufacturing facilities. Monitoring requirements are not static. Changing requirements prompt the need for power monitoring upgrades that could prove costly to some business owners. Recently Kele, Inc. has introduced its first fully field upgradable Power Monitor. Now should there be a need for a firmware upgrade, communication card or feature expansion card, Kele?s EnGenius power monitor is fully field-upgradeable ensuring businesses will comply with the latest regulations, but be able to reconfigure the system from its built-in keypad or remotely from a desktop monitor. Such innovations put Kele, Inc. on the cutting edge of building automation manufacturers and suppliers. Creating and supplying such future-proofed automation tools as EnGenius assures that Kele, Inc.?s reputation as an industry leader is future-proofed as well.


With nearly 30 years of experience, Kele is the leading supplier of building automation products, services, and solutions in the Building Automation Industry. Customer-focused and committed to product and distribution excellence, Kele works diligently to make it easy for its customers through a broad product selection, excellent customer service, unmatched technical support, reliable shipping, and the best catalog & reference guide plus website in the industry. As the company enters its third decade its focus has remained unchanged, to provide their customers with the information to make an informed decision if needed, to have the right product in stock and service excellence to ensure they will return.

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