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Day spa and cosmeceutical services

Few industries are as competitive or as plentiful on Long Island as those which promote health and wellness. While very experienced in her field, Island Salt and Spa represents a new business venture for the client. Not only did she require a website to showcase her brick and mortar, but one that additionally educated site visitors about the therapeutic benefits of her products and services.  

The Challenge

For any new business, prospects must be targeted, approached, and engaged. Salt or Halotherapy is new to local consumers and the fact that it is centuries old, not a passing fad needed to be underscored to potential clients along with its therapeutic benefits. An additional challenge is the fact that Island Salt and Spa is a new business and must build its reputation and client base from the ground up.

The Approach

Website: Its primary purpose- educate consumers to facilitate the sales funnel. The design evokes a tranquil, beach-oriented theme, and photos of the premises provide a unique glimpse into this relaxing, restful, and beneficial spa as well as its ancillary services.

Social Media Management Services: To build the client base and further brand awareness, Social Media initiatives aim to identify, target, engage, and promote to the client’s assorted demographics which include local professional women, brides, and bridal parties, couples, college students, tourists, and day-trippers to Fire Island (ferry to F.I. terminal is located in Sayville).

Search Engine Optimization: Ranking well for strategic long-tail keywords will enable qualified traffic to visit the site where informational content will help convert visitors to customers.

The Results

Early results posted over the spa’s first week in operation are extremely promising with the greatest gains turned in by Organic (SEO) initiatives. These included:

  • 450 users
  • 598 sessions
  • 1,873 pageviews

There have been a number of conversions as well. As AWG’s combined coordinated digital marketing efforts synergize, we expect metric upticks across the board especially as the warm weather approaches. Future initiatives will support lead generation and calls to action that facilitate conversions. These efforts will be key to the client’s goals to gain market share and achieve greater business success.