Hauppauge, NY, December 6, 2011 ? Active Web Group, Inc. (AWG), a leading online marketing company headquartered in Hauppauge, New York, today announced a Free Website Consultation for online businesses. The analysis is offered to all businesses seeking to expand their web presence and for those planning to enter the online marketplace. Active Web Group encourages all decision-makers to consider the value of an online review relative to their business by visiting https://test.activewebgroup.com/custom-web-design/ to sign up for this no-cost evaluation.

?Many online businesses have lost their competitive edge,? notes Pat Norton, Vice President and Director of Business Development, Active Web Group, Inc. ?Owners do not realize that their site may no longer be as visible to search engines, and therefore to their customers, as it once was. And those interested in starting an online business may not know how to begin.? Norton recommends that businesses view their site as a key sales asset. By partnering an advanced website design with Ecommerce marketing and Search Engine Optimization initiatives, online businesses will regain and expand their market share and increase their ROI.

Active Web Group?s Free Website Consultation Analysis is comprehensive and evaluates a site?s design effectiveness and its search engine visibility. Presented with details about how their site may be transformed into a powerful sales-generating tool, many businesses then opt for AWG?s award-winning and search-engine friendly customized web designs.

Active Web Group is an industry leader known for its highly effective, search engine-friendly web designs and redesigns. A full-service agency, Active Web Group also has extensive experience in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Programming (all proficiencies including php, asp and asp.net), Email Marketing, Website Content Development, Graphic Design, E-Commerce, Magento Ecommerce, WordPress Ecommerce and custom solutions and Pay-Per-Click Marketing. To learn more and to take advantage of AWG?s Free Website Consultation Analysis: https://test.activewebgroup.com/custom-web-design/

Patrick Norton,
Vice President & Director of Business Development
Active Web Group, Inc.
30 Oser Avenue, Ste. 500
Hauppauge, NY 11788